We don't do traditional. 

We do drop-dead gorgeous Mobile & Web App Development and revolutionary content management solutions.

From Mobile and Web App Development - showcasing some of the most innovative new features and designs for iOS, Android & Windows - to cutting edge content management and emerging platform programmes targeting radically new wearable devices and interface paradigms - Entropy is revolutionising and re-imagining Mobile and Web App experiences for the biggest brands in the world. 

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What We're About



We want every user of our Apps, products, and services to intrinsically “feel” and experience the care that goes into its creation and development. Products that have been designed with care and attention convey an intangible, emotive confidence – and that’s our goal for every project we touch.



Our product development is designed to create real Apps and features that can be touched, tested, and iterated rapidly and with minimal red tape. We believe in getting Apps to users quickly, learning from the response and innovating accordingly. We call it the Build > Learn > Innovate Loop – and it’s at the core of everything we do.



We believe every minor detail absolutely matters. That’s why every pixel, every icon, every animation, and every experience is scrutinised for its grace and elegance. It means no App or solution leaves our workshop until every element is tested, optimised, and tested again. Precision takes time. It takes focus. And it takes commitment.

Our Clients

Entropy works with some of the biggest names in the business to deliver award-winning and industry-(re)defining Mobile and Tablet App solutions and bleeding edge programmes and product prototypes. We don't do traditional. We are disrupters. Our clients are, too.

Companies powered by Entropy:


Spotlight: Art Guide 2.0

Art Guide 2.0. The Premier Museum & Exhibition Lists App Gets Even Better.

Entropy is very excited to announce the re-launch of the UK's premier and most comprehensive exhibition and museum listings App - Art Guide 2.0. Commissioned by the Art Fund - the charity behind the National Art Pass, a card which gets you free entry to over 200 museums and galleries plus 50% off major exhibitions - the new Art Guide features a number of updates and key changes. 

Fully re-designed for iOS 7 and Android's KitKat OS, the Art Guide’s outstanding content can now be enjoyed in a totally new and modern way – with some exciting new features on the way in coming months!

The Word on Entropy

Entropy has been featured and recognised by some of the biggest names in the industry - including John Gruber's Daring Fireball, GigaOm, CNN Money, and StrategyEye - just to name a few. We're a pretty vocal bunch - and we're proud our work is making a real impact around the neighbourhood.